"I absolutely love Bonnie's yoga instruction.  She ties everything together so well.  Challenging me in my strength and helping me develop better flexibility, all while paying close attention that my form is correct, safe and effective.  I'm fond of her use of essential oils to help relax the mind and center your focus.  I always leave feeling stronger, rejuvenated, balanced and at peace.  Practicing with Bonnie will most certainly be an enhancement to your body, mind, and spirit."  Rachel Rajkowski -- September 2017

 "Class was great last night.  I had a stressful day yesterday and not sure I could calm down my mind enough to center myself in class . . . but by the end of the class I had cleared my head and felt great.  Your presence and voice are so calming."  Jenni - March 2017

" I loved that Bonnie directed my yoga session based on my ability, what I comfortable with, and my busy schedule.  With a toddler at home, I appreciated her coming to me.  I was initially worried because I don't even own a yoga mat, but she came with all the equipment needed for our session, and when she left, I felt energized and stretched.  It has been many years since I did yoga, and I was motivate to continue doing it with the resources she recommended."  

Kim Haytock
Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

"I love my private yoga sessions with Bonnie. I’ve taken yoga classes in the past but found them to be too intimidating. Bonnie is gentle, patient and encouraging. I love that she also challenges me! She focuses on moves that will benefit me while participating in my hobbies. Flexibility and strength for golf and avoiding repetitive motion injuries with knitting. With Bonnie’s help,I've become stronger and more balanced." ~ Marthe

“It may be hard to believe, but I am in my 40s and had never done yoga! And I was afraid to begin because I didn’t want to be the weakest one in a class full of experts or feel silly when I couldn’t do something that everyone else could do. Bonnie made it so easy for me to begin yoga at my pace with lessons best suited to my needs. I still might not be able to do a picture-perfect downward dog, but I am working toward a level of flexibility that I have never had. And her positive comments help me to keep going, even when I might be ready to quit. I highly recommend her lessons to anyone interested in doing yoga for the first time. And I tell all of my friends that Bonnie is the best!"  ~Alison

"I am 52, overweight and arthritic.  I never thought I would be able to do yoga.  Bonnie has been patient with me and she shows me ways to do yoga so I don't hurt myself.  I have been more motivated to lose weight and get in shape because of her showing me the best way for me.  Never any judgment or disappointent from her because I cannot do an exercise.  It just makes me want to work harder.  She shows you a way that works best for your body. Her sessions are very customized to your body type. If you want a private session that motivates you, sign up for a session with Bonnie."  ~Kimberly Davis  

"You have done amazing things for Lewis.   I think you have a unique ability to grasp where the individual student is at and to taylor a specific program to meet those needs.  My husband felt awkward attending a class in which he was the only male student.  Taking private classes with you has allowed him to grow in his yoga practice in a non-threatening environment.  I have noticed marked improvements in his physical and emotional well being."  ~Linda